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Friday, May 23, 2014

Students in the Pacific Northwest explain how their passions impact the world

All contestants in the PNW District Optimist Oratorical
and CCDHH come together for a photo

Last weekend, representatives from 21 PNW District Optimist Clubs came together in Keizer, Oregon to
celebrate the public speaking skills of some amazing young people in the PNW District Finals of the Optimist Oratorical Contest and the Communications Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH).

Oratorical winners (left to right):
2nd place- Micah Leutwyler
1st place - Anisha Datta
3rd place - Grace Ramstat

It's always inspirational to hear the thoughts of the students and this year, speaking about "Why My Passions are Important," was no different. They spoke of causes dear to their hearts such as anti-bullying, obesity, self image, health and wellness, and literacy. They discussed how passion helps one develop their skills and skills lead to achievement.

And the winning oratorical contestant, Anisha Datta, described how passionate journalism changes the world because it shapes public opinion. She cautioned that those who are in the media wield great power because of their place.

When students participate in the Optimist scholarship programs, they too develop a source of power as they become a voice for their generation.

CCDHH winners ( left to right)
1st place speaking- Brandon Dormer
2nd place speaking - Kennedy Gerlitz
3rd place speaking - Nicholas Hanson
1st place signing - Samantha Rowland
2nd place signing - India Weir
3rd place signing - Pria Sadher
In the CCDHH contest, first place contestant Brandon Dormer expressed something that every Optimist Club member feels. He explained that it is everyone's responsibility to make the world around them better. He said, if everyone would do this, together we can change the world. Yes, I believe we can. That's why I'm an Optimist.

Thank you and congratulations to all of our contestants.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Report your newly elected officers today

There is a long-standing tradition that officer-elect reports are due in the Optimist International office today,
May 20. It's a good idea to hold your club officer elections early as that way Optimist International and the district can begin communicating with the incoming officers. They can be invited to the International Convention and the 4th Quarter District Meeting/Convention, be signed up for district correspondence, and gain access to other useful resources.

If your Optimist Club has held its elections, please don't wait - report your officer-elects now by going to www.optimistleaders.org and logging in as the president or secretary.

But there is good news folks, for those clubs who still plan to earn the Honor Club award but have not held their elections, Optimist International will not penalize you for turning this report in late. In order to qualify for Honor Club, they merely ask that you turn your report in as soon as possible.

You can do that, right? Hold your elections. Report the outcome. And watch the enthusiasm increase when there are two sets of officers (2013-2014 and 20145-2015) working towards the same goals.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lt. Governors chosen for 2014-2015 in the PNW Optimist District

Governor-elect Dick Disney has requested a new zone alignment for the 2014-2015 administrative year and it was approved by the delegates at the 3rd quarter meeting held in Keizer, Oregon on May 17, 2014. The new alignment groups Optimist Clubs by state/province and asks for one lt. governor to manage the entire territory instead of a small group of four or five clubs.

Dick explains that the new alignment will help the district save money and be more effective through the use of technology. He imagines and will coach his leadership team to have more frequent contact with the clubs in their areas via email and Skype as opposed to in person visitations. He also imagines that instead of local zone meetings, which many zones have long forsaken, that they might instead hold one super zone meeting a year to allow the Optimist Clubs to share in-person fellowship.

As a final incentive, Dick also believes that the new alignment will allow for a new job description for the lt. governor. He plans to ask them to focus heavily on membership retention and recruitment. The Optimist Clubs at the meeting, although many were skeptical, embraced the idea as a way of trying something new.

Elected by their states to serve as lt. governors for 2014-2015 were:
Idaho - Rick Matkin, Caldwell Optimist Club
Oregon - Bill French, Hillsboro Optimist Club
Washington and Alaska - Monique Connors, Chehalis-Centralia Optimist Club
British Columbia - to be determined

Congratulations and thank you to all

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Elect PNW Optimist Linda Vaught Jackson in the first online elections for Optimist International

This year Optimist International will conduct its first online election for International President, International Board of Directors and International Vice Presidents-elect. The Pacific Northwest District is pleased to announce that Linda Jackson, Outstanding and Distinguished Governor '09-'10 is a candidate for Vice President, West Coast Region.

Find out about Linda online at http://www.optimist.org/candidates/linda-jackson.cfm. Once there you can see her Optimist experience and watch a candidates video. You can also download an informational flyer here: Linda Jackson, Vice President, West Coast Region - Optimist International and connect with Linda online at https://www.facebook.com/LindaJacksonVP.

Information for voting will be sent via email directly to Optimist Club presidents. They hold the power this year that has previously been in the hands of those who attend the International Convention. However, to be able to vote, clubs must be current in their dues. Furthermore, the club president must have their email on file with Optimist International.

Now is the time to be sure that your club president is registered. Club presidents, please go to www.optimistleaders.org and log in. If you do not know your password, please enter your email address in the recover password prompt. It will be emailed to you. If you receive a message that your email is unknown, please email Optimist International (charlotte.baker@optimist.org) immediately with your club name and number and ask her to update your profile.

In addition to electing the vice president position, Optimist Club members will also vote for International President and International Board of Directors. Find out more about the candidates at http://www.optimist.org/candidates/default.cfm and be ready to make your selection June 2-30, 2014.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Portland Leadership Summit

Written by Fred Wallace, Governor 2013-14

Governor Fred has shared more news with us today. Please read on: 

Good day Friends and Fellow Optimists. We have an awesome opportunity coming up on June 14th at the Holiday Inn, Portland Airport. There will be a Leadership Summit, put on by Optimist International. There will be 16 of these Summits put on throughout the country. I believe it is awesome that we are slated to participate. Yours truly has been asked to present some of the modules. This Summit is for everyone, so PLEASE go to the links included below. and pre-register. The cost is only $ 25.00 and includes Lunch. We start promptly @ 8:30 AM and done at 4:30. President Ron has offered a Prize?? to the Governor/District with the most people attending from His/Her District. I sure would like to be the winner, so give me a hand will you?? On top of that you will receive some really great info that will make this year even more fun. International President Ron Huxley as well as Robert Schiller and Danny Schuette  and a couple from South Texas and other guests will also be there. Thanks again for all your support this year.  Cougar

Register: http://www.optimist.org/reg/PdcReg_Member.cfm?meeting=SUMT-OR614_14

Agenda: http://www.optimist.org/Documents/2014_Summit_Agenda.pdf 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brag about your Optimist Club's projects

Does your Optimist Club have a project that makes you proud? Then tell the Optimist world all about it!

Optimist International invites you to join the Bragger's Hall at the 2014 Optimist International Convention in Las Vegas.

Each participating Club will be assigned a table to display information and materials about their project. Show off pictures, brochures, handouts, a CPA entry or other items that would help attendees conduct a similar project in their area. Clubs are responsible for transporting their own materials.

As attendees leave the Hall, they will be able to vote for the best project display. The winning Club will be awarded one free registration to the 2015 International Convention in New Orleans! For more information or to receive a registration form, contact programs@optimist.org.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meet Optimist Coralee

Coralee Lord recording her experience at One Billion Rising
The Optimist Club of Chilliwack, BC has a new member. Coralee Lord has jumped right in to participate and to learn about other Optimist Clubs in our district, region and beyond via the internet.

I'm thrilled to have made her acquaintance through Facebook and email and especially honored that she has written in to tell us why she joined an Optimist Club. When I asked for a picture to include with this post, she was a little shy, but sent three to choose from. I chose the one where she was behind the camera, observing and recording an event so that she could share her experience with others.

Coralee says,
"I joined the Optimist club of Chilliwack two months ago. I joined because a friend encouraged me to. After I joined, I realized how much the club supported the local community. They have been in the community for over 25 years. I got to hear stories about helping to send a group of kids from our farming town of Chilliwack to a northern community in trade the northern kids came to our thriving community. The impact that had on both sets of kids was life changing. I see how devoted the optimists are to the kids in our community. 
I am proud to be an optimist and even prouder to belong to such a dynamic club as the Optimist Club of Chilliwack. I work as a nurse in our local hospital and I LOVE the idea of being in a club that has such an positive impact on our future Chilliwack."
Welcome Coralee and thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us. We hope to meet you in person soon.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A note from Governor Fred

Written by Fred Wallace, Governor 2013-14

Good Day Ladies and Gentleman of the Great Pacific NW District. It’s almost time for our 3rd Quarter District Conference in Keizer, Oregon on May 16th and 17th. 

3rd Quarter is one of our important quarterly conferences. You will see our awesome youth in action for our scholarship programs, such as Oratorical, Essay, and CCDHH. You will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow Optimist members. 

Please go online and pre-register. (It drives the Secretary Treasurer crazy when we don’t know how many meals to prepare or literature to provide.) Remember, Teresa and I will provide the hugs, so come and collect yours. All kidding aside we need YOU to make our District operate smoothly. We can'’t hear your 2 cents if you don’t show up. We will also have elections for one of the most fun jobs in Optimism, Lt./Lft. Governor, and nominations for Governor 2015/2016, so come put your name in the hat. 

Thank you for all of your help and concerns. And all you club officers, don’t forget that officer elect reports Must be submitted by May 20th.

Fred A. Wallace
2013-2014 Governor
PNW District - Optimist International

Thursday, May 1, 2014

PNW District Qualifiers for the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships

The Optimist International Junior Golf Championship qualifiers are underway!

In the Pacific Northwest District, your Optimist Club has two opportunities to send players to a qualifying tournament. Golfers can also enter the PNW District qualifier at-large, without a club sponsor.

Click for the registration form and contact the coordinators for specific information in your area.

Canada Qualifier
May 25, 2014
Langara Golf Club
Vancouver, BC
Tournament Coordinator: Harry White

US Qualifier: 
June 14, 2014
Forest Hills Golf Course
Cornelius, Oregon
Tournament Coordinator: Chris Hill 

Find out more about the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships.

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