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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Caldwell Optimists take kids to the movies

Earlier this week, the Idaho Press Tribune ran a short but impressive tribute the Caldwell Optimist Club. They recognized them, along with Mayor Garrett Nancolas, for honoring the youth of the community at Youth Appreciation Day on November 12.

As part of the activities, Mayor Nancolas  signed an official proclamation declaring the day to be Youth Appreciation Day in the City of Caldwell and the Caldwell Optimists sponsored free movies for children through 5th grade at the Reel Theatre.

According to Marlene Terry, a columnist for the Idaho Press Tribune who writes under the pseudonym Ida Chatter, the Caldwell Optimist Club is also known for youth soccer and bringing back the PAL Boxing Invitational, among other things.

Sometimes it takes a little time and persistence for our media outlets to recognize the small, but meaningful activities our Optimist Clubs perform in our communities. Thanks to the Idaho Press Tribune for noticing and many thanks to the Caldwell Optimist Club and President Connie Holt for all that you do.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Optimist volunteers at Boise State football games for 37 years

Frank Smoke, Optimist Volunteer at Boise State
Last week, The Idaho Statesman published a front-page article about Optimist volunteer Frank Smoke, "91-year-old Boise State fan stands out from crowd."

A member of the Boise Noon Optimist Club, he has been selling programs at Boise State football programs, along with other club members, for 37 years. That means he's been a dedicated Bronco fan and a true optimist for serving when the team was building up to the powerhouse that it is today. What's more, he's been wearing the same Optimist Club vest for all of those years.

On behalf of the Boise Noon Optimist Club,
Gary Arbaugh, Mark "Sparky"Anderson,
Sue Oliver and Michael Bouton
thank Frank Smoke for his service
Frank was recognized at the Boise Noon Optimist Club meeting this week and presented a framed copy of the Idaho Statesman article.

The Boise Noon Optimist Club shares a special relationship with the Boise State athletics. Selling programs at events is one way that the university helps support the Boise Noon Optimist youth football program. During the Humanitarian Bowl, held on December 17, the club was able to raise $744 selling programs. That money is returned directly to the community for the Optimist Youth Sports Complex.

On behalf of the PNW District, I send many thanks to Frank Smoke for his years of service.

Football is not all that the Boise Noon Optimist Club is involved in. This Christmas they could be found raising money ($1,200) for the Idaho Youth Ranch and purchasing coats for girls in the Youth Ranch program, helping with a Christmas party and Santa's Toy Box at St. Luke's Hospital and MSTI, among other things.

Thanks to Katy Moeller and The Idaho Statesman for the original article about Mr.Smoke. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Optimism: What it's all about

"I love the moments in your life where you look around and you know you are doing something right!" - Lareena Roberson, President, Tri Cities Optimist Club

What a powerful statement!

As the Tri Cities Optimist Club completes their shopping today for the families they have adopted for the Christmas season, it is easy to see that they are a group that truly enjoys what they are doing, and that they are enjoying each other's company in the process. Finding joy as well as purpose in our lives is so important to our mental well-being.

Photos by Lareena Roberson

We often look for our projects to make a difference in the lives of others, but why not take just a few moments, especially during the holiday season, to reflect on how your participation in your Optimist Club has affected you.

Be grateful for the difference the Optimist Club has made in your life and continues to make every day. That's what optimism is all about.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Coquitlam Optimist Club: Breakfast with Santa Fights Hunger

Coquitlam Optimist Club: Breakfast with Santa Fights Hunger: 

Last Saturday, over 300 Sparks, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs (with assorted leaders, parents and siblings) enjoyed food, fun and a visit from Santa at the Coquitlam Optimist Club's annual Pancake Breakfast.

 Shown here is Pancake Chef Extraordinaire Hal Griffin wearing a hat made especially for him that day.

 Please click on the link to read more at the Coquitlam Optimist Club blog.

Thanks to blog editor Annette Smith for sharing the story.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A new directive to cure childhood cancer

President Jack Creswell has just completed his first board meeting in St. Louis and sends a message to the members of Optimist International about 100% and then some.

For Jack and his wife Sue, the slogan has a special meaning as they, along with the Board of Directors, have promised additional support to John Hopkins University to cure childhood cancer. Optimist members throughout the United States and the Caribbean helped the organization reach its first, second and third level of commitment with the university and stepping up to do just a little more is what being an Optimist is all about.

Watch for more information online and in the Optimist magazine about the $500,000 commitment to cure childhood cancer.

When making your charitable donation through the Optimist International Foundation,be sure to write "cancer research" on your check or correspondence. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Salem Optimists honor 5 students at Youth Appreciation Day

Salem Optimist Club
Youth Appreciation Day
The Optimist Club of Salem honored five students at Youth Appreciation Day on December 9. Recognized for achievement in fine and performing arts were Derrick Holmes, Nick Bailon,  Abby Brockamp,  Rosita Olaide and Brandon Conrad.

The Salem Optimist Club shared the following story about the students on their Facebook page .
Paul Negstad, chairperson for youth appreciation for many years, shared the emcee role with club president Calvin Steck. Three boys and two girls received plaques and a cash award at the ceremony's conclusion.

Senior Derrick Holmes of Chemawa Indian School is a member of the Hopi tribe in Arizona. He sings and dances with a performing arts group, and also is a student lead in his second year at Chemawa. Derrick intends to attend Arizona State University, major in engineering or architecture and then return to his tribe.

McKay's honoree, Nick Bailon, is a sophomore who both plays cello and makes pottery. His first chair in botht eh McKay and Salem Youth Symphony Orchestrats. Called "an original thinker" by his potter teacher, Nick is in four advance-placement classes. His mother, Lisa Garcia, joined Nick at the luncheon.

Abby Brockamp of North Salem has won first place two years running in district choral competition. A junior, Abby is a soprano who sings in her church choir and directs a choir at girls camp. She is vice president of Norths' Concert choir. Abby's mother, Tammy, was a luncheon Guest.

"She is the embodiment of our choir program." That's how Spraque senior Rosita Olaide was described by directory David Brown. Rosita told the luncheon crowd that she wants to go to Chemeketa Community College and study psychology. At some point, Rosita added, she plans to take over her parent's business, which is a prison drug and alcohol treatment consulting firm.

Brandon Conrad, a senior at Western Mennonite School, told luncheon attendees that he participates in every musical thing at the school. For example, Brandon is in the Jazz band, a cappella choir, and the lead in a musical. Brandon heads the worship team in chapel and he plays the guitar as well as the bass and piano. He is hoping to attend Seattle Pacific University and major in music.

What a nice honor!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Pick up the Pace in your Optimist Club

In addition to the international theme of "100% and then some...," the Optimist International Membership Committee challenges all Optimist Clubs and their members to "Pick up the Pace" with action, enthusiasm, passion and commitment.

They have designed a year's worth of programs, one for every month, to keep your interest for adding new members high.

Please click on the monthly program suggestions to learn more:

October - Halloween Friend Parties 
November - The NOW Challenge 
December - A Gift of Optimism 
Centennial Member Incentive 
January - New Year, New Resolutions 
Friendly February 
March is for Smiles 
April - Volunteer Month 
May - National Hamburger Month 
Flying High in June 
July - Bring a Friend to Convention 
August - Kids Go Back to School 
September Calendar

Friday, December 9, 2011

Coats for Kids program going strong in Jerome

Treasurer Julie Stadelman accepts a
donation from Patsy Bland and the
Magic Valley Early Iron Club. 
The Jerome Optimist Club has been working hard again this year on one of their favorite projects: Coats for Kids. Led by Santa Sheri (Sheri Mitchell), the club recently filled some of their coat orders with help from "elves" in the community from local schools, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

They also welcomed a donation of 60 coats from the Snake River Corvette Club and Patsy Bland, Chair of the Twin Falls Optimist Club Coats for Kids program dropped by with a donation of $500 for Jerome's Coats for Kids efforts. The donation was a gift from the Magic Valley Early Iron Club, a club that produces classic car shows.

The Coats for Kids program accepts new and gently used coats that the club refurbishes, cleans and redistributes in the community. When sizes are requested that are not on hand or supplies run low, the Optimist Club will purchase coats for children in need. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

Thanks to Robin Stanhope, Jerome Optimist Club Secretary and Bulletin Editor for the story. Robin invites you to visit the Jerome Optimist Club blog for more updates on club projects. If you live or work in the Jerome community, consider getting involved by joining the club today.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Support healthy lifestyle choices with games and fun

The Lake Washington Optimist Club has added "healthy" to the mission statement for their Optimist Club: "By providing hope and a "healthy" positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids."

One way they are pursuing that goal is to partner with Bastyr University on the Apple Core Program. Take a look at how simple it is for your Optimist Club to adopt an anti-obesity program and to encourage childhood wellness in your community.

The Optimist Club participated in the program in October and learned how to help children - and adults - make healthy lifestyle choices with games and fun.

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