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Monday, July 25, 2022

Opt for optimism

 I am curating a group on Facebook made up primarily of Optimist Club members from various clubs in the West Coast Region - Optimist International. To begin the week, I publish a little nugget of inspired loyalty to the organization that I call Membership Monday. 

Brand awareness is as important to internal audiences as it is to external audiences. After all, the external audience has not become loyal yet. It takes continued dedication by members to inspire and invite others to join the cause. It is then a conscious decision one makes to choose optimism. 

Choose optimism and join an Optimist Club today. Send me a note and I will help you find a club near you.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Push on with optimism

 A year ago, my world stopped. That happens when you lose a loved one, especially when they are the love of your life. 

Dick Disney and I met through our work with the PNW District - Optimist International. We fell in love as leaders of the District who wanted only the best for our Optimist Clubs. Through that common interest, we found other things that we shared including a love for travel, a sense of humor, and solitude. 

Life is much more solitary now that he is gone. I still look to optimism for friendship and hope. I find it in some places. I find it desperately lacking in others. I push on. 

I miss you every day, Dick, but I will push on. Soon I will attend the 104th Optimist International Convention, only the second one to be held since the pandemic restrictions have lessened. Only the second since you left me too soon. 

At the convention, I will see old and new friends and I will push on. I'll look for the inspiration - the optimism - that allows me to move forward and to push on. 

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