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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reel Optimism returns

The Reel Optimism contest returns in 2015 with an expanded entry pool. Junior Optimists will now be competing against the adult Optimist Clubs to produce a 3-minute video about the joys of belonging to a club under the Optimist International umbrella. 

In a release on November 26, 2014, the Optimist International Foundation shared the following information:

The third annual Club video contest asks Members to finish the following sentence "Optimists bring out the best..." 
The Reel Optimism Video Contest is expanding to include adult and youth (JOOI) Clubs. In each category, there will be a 30 Second Challenge and a Club Showcase contest (3:00 minutes or less). Videos can be submitted between February 15th and April 15th. Be on the lookout for more details about the contest in our December newsletter and the winter Optimist Magazine.

Club grants will be awarded to the winners of the contest, courtesy of Optimist International Foundation, Optimist International and the Canadian Children's Optimist Foundation.
Now is the time to create a task force made up of your most creative members. Ask them to put on their writer, director and producer hats and share just what it means to bring out the best. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

100 x 100

The Optimist International Board of Directors has set a goal to reach 100,000 members by the 100th anniversary of the organization in 2019. As of today, November 22, 2014, the organization sets at approximately 71,000 members. Do you think the goal is realistic?

I do. I believe this is an achievable goal. Think of this, if every Optimist Club member would recruit one new member this year, guess what? We'd not only meet, but we would exceed our goal this year.

Of course there are always deletions that come with natural attrition, so the international leaders hope that you will do just a bit more. A member-get-a-member campaign only works if the action is repeated, year after year, after year.

What do you say PNW District Optimist Clubs? Will you do your part to help us meet and exceed the 100 by 100 goal? Say yes with action; add a new member to your Optimist Club today.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Find out about the Meridian Optimist Club Christmas drawing

The Meridian Optimist Club is hosting the 12 Guns of Christmas to benefit the Meridian Optimist Junior Rifle Club, an award-winning group of young sportsmen and women.

This is the second year for the drawing. For a $20 entry fee, you will have 12 opportunities to win a raffle gun. Please see the flyer for details and contact Bert Moore at 208.949.3763 to purchase your chance to win.

Find out more about the Meridian Optimist Junior Rifle Club here.

And don't forget, the Meridian Optimist Club Christmas tree lot opens the day after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2014, Overland and Meridian Road, Meridian, ID.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A message from the PNW District-Optimist International Foundation Representative

Contributed by Fred Wallace, PNW District Optimist International Foundation Rep (US)

Dear fellow Optimist,

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, a day to celebrate our thanks for all the things Optimism has given us, we are again reminded how special this day is and to honor the important people in our lives. On this day, we show our love and gratefulness to the Optimist Foundation in many ways. With all the support we provide to children as members of Optimist Clubs and as Friends of Youth, we are constantly reminded of the bond between ourselves and youth.

To all the Members who make our world a better place, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, and God’s blessing in abundance.

To honor your Family or special person in your life, please consider making a donation(s) to the Optimist International Foundation (OIF) so we can continue to support all of the scholarships and other youth programs that are supported by your generous donations.

There are so many of you who do so very much with your Optimist Clubs but have never made a contribution to the OIF. If you can afford something as small as $5.00 (or more), please consider doing so this Thanksgiving Day. You really can make a difference with a small donation. I think every Youth would see this type of gift not only unique but VERY special as well.

Being a full-time volunteer is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont

Click here > Make your contribution today! < Click here

As always, THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Fred A. Wallace
PNW District OIF Representative

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Honor Club is an honorable goal

The holiday season is upon us. In ten days, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving and then it's downhill from there as we move quickly toward Christmas and the New Year. Optimist Clubs are busy at this time of year. They host Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas celebrations with pancakes, presents and Santa along with all the trimmings that make children and adults smile with joy.

It's important that while we move forward with our major projects, we remember that we must keep the goal of Honor Club in mind every day. Why? Because your Optimist Club's successful events are what makes Honor Club possible. People want to join with others who are doing good things in their community. They want to be part of the excitement and share the friendship offered by an Optimist Club. This is a perfect time to gain positive exposure and invite others to join us. When your club is hosting activities, keep a list of people who are interested and then follow up with them to invite them to a meeting and to learn more.

Did you know that an Optimist Honor Club is among the top 25% of all successful service clubs in the world? By completing the steps to Honor Club, Optimist Clubs are doing all that they can do to ensure their group will be serving its community far into the future. They are financially sound, conducting projects that are relevant to their community and adding new members to help carry on the programs indefinitely.

It's important to have a measurable goal. Governor Dick Disney gave each PNW District Optimist Club one goal as the 2014-2015 Optimist International administrative year began: Honor Club.

What will you do to help your Optimist Club keep the the goal in sight every day?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Jerome Optimist Club kicks off Coats for Kids drive

Rick Matkin, member of the Caldwell Optimist Club and lieutenant governor of Zone 2 - Idaho, visited the Jerome Optimist Club last week. He was there just in time to capture two significant events.

First, President Sheri Mitchell presented the Optimist of the Year award to Marsha Martin. Marsha is a newer member of the club who stepped up immediately to help as the club secretary-treasurer in 2013-2014. Congratulations Marsha!

Second, the Jerome Optimist Club kicked off its Coats for Kids program with a donation from Randy and Lori Steadham. Representing the Snake River Corvettes Club, they brought a number of coats collected by the club. With a winter advisory in effect, they will be put to immediate use. Thanks Lori, Randy and the Corvettes.
marsha martin optimist of the yearcoats for kids jerome optimist club

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why did you join an Optimist Club?

Why did you join an Optimist Club? 
m connors optimist club

Monique Connors tells us her story: 
I had never heard of the Optimist Club until the day my daughter Katie was picked as her 8th grade Student of the Month at her school.  
She was picked for being an outstanding student by the entire staff of the school and had to go before the Chehalis/Centralia Optimists and answer questions for a chance to win a $500.00 scholarship. Even though she did not win I did; I had found something in the club that knew I could stand for and could do something positive for the kids.  
In today's world, where values are changing, the Optimists work hard to preserve the very foundation America was built on. The Optimist Clubs all over the world strive to empower and bring out the best in the youth so that they can move on to the great achievements of the future.  
I was amazed and then embraced by my club and am thankful for all they have done and are yet to do.
Monique is a member of the Chehalis/Centralia Optimist Club in Washington. This year she is serving as lieutenant governor for Zone 4 which includes the entire Washington State plus a club or two in Portland.

We'd love to hear your Optimist Club story! Tell us here.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Optimism is active in Alaska

fairbanks alaska optimist club
(Left to right) Cassie Pinkel, Erika & Dave 
Miller, Treasurer Gerry Richards, 
Secretary Joe Nava and President Ken Larimore
Submitted by Governor Dick Disney

On Tuesday, October 14, Pacific Northwest District Governor Dick Disney launched his promise to visit every Optimist Club in the district during this 2014-15 Optimist year. The trip began with a direct flight from Seattle to Fairbanks, Alaska on Alaska Airlines. Scheduling a trip at this time was to beat the local snow and cold weather. Cool sunshine and just a ground covering of snow with dry bare streets greeted him. Daily sunshine and mild 30 to 36 degrees was actually enjoyed during the entire visit.

(Left to right) Bonnie Williams,
Dave Williams, Steve Adams
On Wednesday a brisk mile and a half walk to the Los Amigos Restaurant was completed about 15 minutes prior to the noon Optimist Club of Fairbanks meeting. 

President Cassie Pinkel officially opened the meeting for nine of their 26 members. A formal agenda was strictly followed to cover each item and move the meeting along efficiently. A couple of official announcements included a stock market report and the number of minutes and seconds of reduced daylight for the day. Passing of the outgoing administration to the new 2014-15 team was informal, as is the local custom, completed to President Ken Larimore, Secretary Joe Nava and Treasurer Gerry Richards.

Fairbanks Optimists are very active in their community. Activities past & present include:
*snow machine safety 
fairbanks optimist club optimist creed
The meeting closed with the Optimist Creed
*high school rifle club support 
*high school graduation party support 
*Civil Air Patrol 
*high school scholarships 
*train bush communities on weapons training 
*conduct youth weapons safety 
*University of Fairbanks rifle teams support (10 time national championships) 
*built a food both for little the league 
*annual park repair with youth workers 
*Girl & Boy Scout support 
*produce their Snow Scoop bulletin

This very active club raises funds through Alaskan pull tab profits and donates about $30,000 annual to selected recipients ad organizations. They operate as one "Big Happy Family" working for their community and youth. Each Christmas there is a great club party.

One of many Miller trophies

Erika Miller provided two days of touring the area. This included two excellent museums of the Alaskan Culture, touring through town, up to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and some of the countryside for sights and views.

 To top off the visit Erika drove to their home for a noon meal prepared by her husband Dave. Great hospitality, good food and fun conversation were enjoyed. As a final "Special Surprise" Dave presented Dick with big package of freshly butchered moose steaks.

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