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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honor Club leads to Life Member award

President Connie Holt presents the Life Member award
to immediate past president Anita Whelchel
Anita Whelchel was honored by the Caldwell Optimist Club with an Optimist International Life Member Award.

"It is a Club tradition to do so," said President Connie Holt, "for our outstanding presidents who achieve Honor Club during their term. We are very proud of Anita and appreciate all that she and the Caldwell Optimist Club were able to accomplish."

The requirements for Optimist Club have varied slightly over the past few years, but for 2010-2011 the club had to increase membership by 20% over their October 1 roster, perform three service projects, and complete all reports and meet all financial obligations on time. For the Caldwell Optimist Club, that meant they had to add at least 9 new members last year. The club added 10.

This year, and by policy for the next five years, the requirements for Honor Club are to increase membership by at least 1 member more than is deleted over the year, complete at least 3 service projects, recognize an outstanding club member or individual in the community, and fulfill all financial and reporting obligations.

It's an honor for your Optimist Club to be recognized as an Honor Club. While many leaders proclaim they aren't doing it for awards, others hardly recognize that their name on a banner is an award. They see Honor Club as the minimum standard one should strive for to keep their club active and vital in the years to come. That is why it is an honor, and honorable, for your Optimist Club to be recognized as an Honor Club.

Anita is enthusiastically continuing to serve both the Caldwell Optimist Club and the PNW District this year. She remains very active with membership and fundraising for the club and is the lieutenant governor for Zone 7.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Time to get ready for 3rd Quarter in Newport

By Mary White, PNWD Secretary/Treasurer

Our third quarter conference plays host to our Oratorical and Communications Contest for the Deaf and of Hard Hearing (CCDHH) kids. We will meet on May 18-19 at the Best Western Agate Beach Inn in Newport, Oregon (541) 265-9411. Rooms are $90 hillside and $110 Ocean View. District registrationis $83 before April 30 and $93 after April 30. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW as rooms go fast at this time of year and there may be other events scheduled. Hotel reservation cutoff for a guaranteed room is April 30. See you in Newport!!!

Richard Craddock of the Twin Falls Optimist Club is going to do some deep sea fishing out of Newport before and after our third quarter meeting. If you want to join him, he can be reached at (208) 308-8333 (H), or (208) 736-2400 (W), or richardc@magicvalleybank.com.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Some people are motivated by deadlines. Of course Optimist Club members are motivated year-round, but in case you are a procrastinator, here is your reminder to:

Register for the Third Quarter PNW District Meeting - This is one of the favorite meetings of the year for it features fantastic students from our clubs for the district finals of the Optimist Oratorical Contest and the Communications Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Taking place in Newport, Oregon, the early bird cut-off date is April 30. 

Register for the 2012 Optimist International Convention - The premier learning opportunity for club and district officer elects, the annual gathering which will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is also where the organization adjusts bylaws and chooses international vice presidents-elect and the international president-elect. Optimist Club members come together to share fellowship and project ideas for serving their communities.
The early bird cut-off date is May 1

Hold club officer elections - It might seem early to elect those who will take office on October 1, but Optimist International, the PNW District and your club benefit from timely elections. It allows the incoming leadership to begin communicating in an effort to provide a seamless transition. Most importantly, the club president-elect becomes personally invested in the group that she or he soon begin to lead. Early elections help you collaborate and succeed. Officer elect reports should be filed online at Optimistleaders.org.
Please complete by May 20. 

Questions? Please feel free to direct any questions about registrations and elections to: 

Should you need help with your online officer-elect report, please contact: 

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Twist for NOW

Click and choose page 10.
Governor Bill French sent a message to the PNW District Optimist Clubs yesterday encouraging them to each host a NOW - New Optimists Welcome - event. But what he was really doing was drawing the attention of our lieutenant governors to the successful model for membership growth being utilized in the California South District.

What is it?
NOW activities for an entire zone! 

Instead of each club hosting individual events, the lieutenant governor and governor has helped the clubs come together for a bigger and more successful joint activity. The existing clubs find camaraderie and support from other members and they are all able to showcase their signature events for the guests. Guests can then choose what inspires them or choose to associate with the club that is closest to their work or home.

According to Cal South Governor Charles Pease, it all began with a planning committee. The committee garnered the commitment of the zone and then helped secure the date, location and coordinate the meeting.

Booths were set up, trade show style, to showcase Optimist Club projects, and wine and cheese were served to the guests as they mingled with Optimist Club members.

Five new members joined immediately and more followed. As of this writing, the Cal South District is in first place for growth for Optimist International with +49 members.

Please read all about it in the Spring Optimist Magazine, pages 10-11.

Click here for the online version.                     Click here for the PDF in Google docs. 

Click here to request help from Governor Bill French.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Party in the Okanagen

BOE Peter Smith and
President Jan Mori

Although it was organized in September 2011, the charter banquet for the North Okanagan Optimist Club of British Columbia was only just held on March 24, 2012. I'm going to imagine it was the distance involved in getting all the parties together for the celebration. Governor Bill French had to travel from Hillsboro, Oregon and members of the sponsoring club, Coquitlam, had to travel four hours to attend. Others in the lower mainland joined the party as well.

Those who regularly attend district meetings have probably heard of the potential for building in the Okanagan and the Vernon project was discussed throughout the 2010-2011 administrative year, coming to fruition on September 27, 2011, just as the leadership of the district was about to change hands. It was Governor Bill French and Evelyn that enjoyed the honor of recognizing the new club at the charter event.

Governor Bill French unveils the club banner.
Explaining why they were interested in starting an Optimist Club, President Jan Mori said, “I heard about the Optimist Club through a longtime curling friend. He suggested getting a club going here and the more we talked about it, the more I thought it would be a good thing for the community. We have a great group of people from all backgrounds and all ages, men and women. People like the idea of the camaraderie of a service club, doing some good in the community and helping all children.”

The new club is interested in curling, however, their aim is to fill gaps in community services for kids. So far they have completed the Optimist International Essay Contest and are looking how to get more involved in the community. 

The North Okanagen Optimist Club meets the second Monday evening of each month at The People Place in Vernon, 7:00 p.m.

Monday, April 9, 2012

W. Tacoma Optimist Club helps blind student

Mrs. Stevenson, Emily Stevenson and
ShirleyZurfluh with the W. Tacoma
Optimist Club (L-R)
According to Dick Disney in the W. Tacoma Optimist Club bulletin, Westac Oracle, they recently went together with the U.P. Children's Fund to give a special gift to student at Curtis High School. 

"Emily Stevenson, a blind student at Curtis High School was presented with her new Braille Computer/Calculator last week. Her classmates applauded and their were smiles all around. Emily is an outstanding student who works hard and plans to go to college and get an engineering degree. She was very happy and grateful since her 7 year old computer was on its last legs."

Find out more here.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Photo by Traci Brandebourg, Jerome Optimist Club.

The Easter Bunny asked us to pass along this special wish to all of the
PNW District Optimist Clubs and the kiddos, big and small, in our communities. 

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