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Sunday, January 10, 2021

West Tacoma Optimist Club assists the homeless

Dick Disney John Hickman West Tacoma Optimist Club

Before the pandemic, the West Tacoma Optimist Club would help the Pierce County Emergency Food Network once per month with its repack project, taking bulk items and repacking them into family-sized bundles. Because of COVID-19, the group can't get together and that activity has had to be put on hold. 

That didn't prevent the Optimist Club from making an annual donation to the organization of peanut butter. Seven hundred jars went to the organization, half chunky and half creamy, to help fulfill their requests because peanut butter is something that can't be purchased in bulk. 
John Hickman Dick Disney West Tacoma Optimist Club

Members John Hickman and Dick Disney made the deliveries before Christmas. 

Also on the West Tacoma Optimist Club's Christmas donation list was a contribution to the Tacoma Rescue Mission. 
Ron Thompson West Tacoma Optimist Club

Member Ron Thompson visited the Rescue Mission and gave $2,000 to help them continue to serve the homeless and hurting in Tacoma and Pierce County. 

Photos contributed by the West Tacoma Optimist Club. Please click on the photos to enlarge. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Hillsboro Optimist Club inspires students to ring bells

We're all used to seeing that red kettle in front of stores during the holiday season. In fact, we might be so aware of it that we completely overlook it! Overlooking was not an option in Hillsboro, Oregon this past season as students were the designated bell-ringers for The Salvation Army.

pnw optimist clubs hillsboro

According to Monte Akers, President, Hillsboro Optimist Club:

Century High School students partnered with the Salvation Army and the Hillsboro Optimist Club to pull off a double whammy in fundraising!

Twenty students rang bells at The Salvation Army's kettles on Dec 19 and 23 and raised over $6,500 for The Salvation Army.

For their efforts, they were rewarded with $800 designated for the Century High School food pantry by the Hillsboro Optimist Club.

The Hillsboro Optimist Club hopes to perform similar 3-way partnerships with other youth groups and organizations in the future. Wayne Bohm, Hillsboro Optimist Club member and a teacher at Century High School explained that the students are usually knee-deep in the Elk's canned food drive this time of year, but that project was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Working with Tami Mandrell and Lisa Cole at The Salvation Army the students found a great way to give back to their community.

pnw optimist clubs hillsboro

Photos contributed by the Hillsboro Optimist Club.

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