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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Party in the Okanagen

BOE Peter Smith and
President Jan Mori

Although it was organized in September 2011, the charter banquet for the North Okanagan Optimist Club of British Columbia was only just held on March 24, 2012. I'm going to imagine it was the distance involved in getting all the parties together for the celebration. Governor Bill French had to travel from Hillsboro, Oregon and members of the sponsoring club, Coquitlam, had to travel four hours to attend. Others in the lower mainland joined the party as well.

Those who regularly attend district meetings have probably heard of the potential for building in the Okanagan and the Vernon project was discussed throughout the 2010-2011 administrative year, coming to fruition on September 27, 2011, just as the leadership of the district was about to change hands. It was Governor Bill French and Evelyn that enjoyed the honor of recognizing the new club at the charter event.

Governor Bill French unveils the club banner.
Explaining why they were interested in starting an Optimist Club, President Jan Mori said, “I heard about the Optimist Club through a longtime curling friend. He suggested getting a club going here and the more we talked about it, the more I thought it would be a good thing for the community. We have a great group of people from all backgrounds and all ages, men and women. People like the idea of the camaraderie of a service club, doing some good in the community and helping all children.”

The new club is interested in curling, however, their aim is to fill gaps in community services for kids. So far they have completed the Optimist International Essay Contest and are looking how to get more involved in the community. 

The North Okanagen Optimist Club meets the second Monday evening of each month at The People Place in Vernon, 7:00 p.m.

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