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Monday, November 3, 2014

Optimism is active in Alaska

fairbanks alaska optimist club
(Left to right) Cassie Pinkel, Erika & Dave 
Miller, Treasurer Gerry Richards, 
Secretary Joe Nava and President Ken Larimore
Submitted by Governor Dick Disney

On Tuesday, October 14, Pacific Northwest District Governor Dick Disney launched his promise to visit every Optimist Club in the district during this 2014-15 Optimist year. The trip began with a direct flight from Seattle to Fairbanks, Alaska on Alaska Airlines. Scheduling a trip at this time was to beat the local snow and cold weather. Cool sunshine and just a ground covering of snow with dry bare streets greeted him. Daily sunshine and mild 30 to 36 degrees was actually enjoyed during the entire visit.

(Left to right) Bonnie Williams,
Dave Williams, Steve Adams
On Wednesday a brisk mile and a half walk to the Los Amigos Restaurant was completed about 15 minutes prior to the noon Optimist Club of Fairbanks meeting. 

President Cassie Pinkel officially opened the meeting for nine of their 26 members. A formal agenda was strictly followed to cover each item and move the meeting along efficiently. A couple of official announcements included a stock market report and the number of minutes and seconds of reduced daylight for the day. Passing of the outgoing administration to the new 2014-15 team was informal, as is the local custom, completed to President Ken Larimore, Secretary Joe Nava and Treasurer Gerry Richards.

Fairbanks Optimists are very active in their community. Activities past & present include:
*snow machine safety 
fairbanks optimist club optimist creed
The meeting closed with the Optimist Creed
*high school rifle club support 
*high school graduation party support 
*Civil Air Patrol 
*high school scholarships 
*train bush communities on weapons training 
*conduct youth weapons safety 
*University of Fairbanks rifle teams support (10 time national championships) 
*built a food both for little the league 
*annual park repair with youth workers 
*Girl & Boy Scout support 
*produce their Snow Scoop bulletin

This very active club raises funds through Alaskan pull tab profits and donates about $30,000 annual to selected recipients ad organizations. They operate as one "Big Happy Family" working for their community and youth. Each Christmas there is a great club party.

One of many Miller trophies

Erika Miller provided two days of touring the area. This included two excellent museums of the Alaskan Culture, touring through town, up to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and some of the countryside for sights and views.

 To top off the visit Erika drove to their home for a noon meal prepared by her husband Dave. Great hospitality, good food and fun conversation were enjoyed. As a final "Special Surprise" Dave presented Dick with big package of freshly butchered moose steaks.

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