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Friday, May 23, 2014

Students in the Pacific Northwest explain how their passions impact the world

All contestants in the PNW District Optimist Oratorical
and CCDHH come together for a photo

Last weekend, representatives from 21 PNW District Optimist Clubs came together in Keizer, Oregon to
celebrate the public speaking skills of some amazing young people in the PNW District Finals of the Optimist Oratorical Contest and the Communications Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH).

Oratorical winners (left to right):
2nd place- Micah Leutwyler
1st place - Anisha Datta
3rd place - Grace Ramstat

It's always inspirational to hear the thoughts of the students and this year, speaking about "Why My Passions are Important," was no different. They spoke of causes dear to their hearts such as anti-bullying, obesity, self image, health and wellness, and literacy. They discussed how passion helps one develop their skills and skills lead to achievement.

And the winning oratorical contestant, Anisha Datta, described how passionate journalism changes the world because it shapes public opinion. She cautioned that those who are in the media wield great power because of their place.

When students participate in the Optimist scholarship programs, they too develop a source of power as they become a voice for their generation.

CCDHH winners ( left to right)
1st place speaking- Brandon Dormer
2nd place speaking - Kennedy Gerlitz
3rd place speaking - Nicholas Hanson
1st place signing - Samantha Rowland
2nd place signing - India Weir
3rd place signing - Pria Sadher
In the CCDHH contest, first place contestant Brandon Dormer expressed something that every Optimist Club member feels. He explained that it is everyone's responsibility to make the world around them better. He said, if everyone would do this, together we can change the world. Yes, I believe we can. That's why I'm an Optimist.

Thank you and congratulations to all of our contestants.

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