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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Stay connected

As a federation of Optimist Clubs around the world, Optimist International can count on assistance to stay connected to those who rely on its message of hope. With that in mind, we give you the monthly installment of our membership recruitment and retention tip. 

Membership recruitment and retention tip #80: [COVID-19 social distancing edition]
Stay connected. 

Around the world, the novel coronavirus has disrupted daily lives. As people stay home to be safe, they also cheer on those who travel to work on the frontline. Physicians, nurses, and all medical personnel have become superheroes. Those who work in the grocery and transportation industries are the new rockstars. And at home, individuals are hopeful as they watch and wait for the days that they too can resume their traditional routines.

Organizations, businesses, and the government are reaching out via social media to keep their publics informed. They are reaching out to give assurance that together we can weather this storm. They are reaching out with optimism. 

Now is the time to stay connected to your members. Reach out by any social media means. Reach out via telephone. Let members know they matter today as much as yesterday. Keeping connected will make them - and the organization - matter even more tomorrow.

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