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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Encourage new projects, invite participation

I have always believed that the secret to membership growth in an Optimist Club or any organization is participation. Working together for a common cause is altruistic, a statement and the proof that we really do that are the projects that each club produces each year and how the projects engage our members and stakeholders.

Optimist International President Adrian Elcock has a grand idea for the 2019-2020 administrative year. In a Facebook post featuring his daughter, he says that each club should strive to start at least three new projects and gives an example of an online book drive as an opportunity to engage the young and old.

This thought was perfect for the membership retention and recruitment tip of the month: 
Membership recruitment and retention tip #74: Encourage participation. Sometimes people join an organization or club as an obligation or a favor. They pay their dues, their name is placed on the roster, and that is all. When the new year rolls around, they may or may not renew their membership. It’s up to you and other club members to help retain those rookie members by encouraging them to participate in your projects. Invite them to join a committee, help plan an event, and most importantly, come to social gatherings. Participation leads to teamwork and teams revel in a common purpose that makes it hard to pull away. Encourage participation and you’ll find that your members want to stick around to be involved.

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