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Sunday, September 22, 2019

8 days, 8 steps

Every year, I write about being an Honor Club. It's a smart goal that Optimist Clubs can embrace
throughout the year. It helps clubs provide more service and recognition in their community and provides a path to sustainability not only for an Optimist Club but also for the umbrella organization, Optimist International.

Many years ago, I attained the recognition of being the president of an Honor Club and over the years, I've watched joyfully as others have earned it too. It saddens me when I hear presidents say they aren't in it for the awards. To me, that simply means that the president is in it for themselves and not for the Optimist Club members they serve today and those who we hope will still belong tomorrow. The president that does not strive to lead an Honor Club is shorting their club and community of the basic steps to succession.

The steps are simple and straightforward. In fact, most Optimist Clubs perform most of the tasks, they just fail to cross the t's and dot the i's for the recognition that accompanies their completion.

The eight steps to Honor Club are:
  1. Complete three or more service projects each year
  2. Complete the President’s Pride Report and Club Officer-Elect Form
  3. Recognize a Club member or local community individual
  4. Grow Club by Net of +3 in membership
  5. Appoint a Club Foundation Representative and make a non-restricted contribution to the OIF or CCOF
  6. Conduct a Membership Recruitment/Drive such as a NOW Program
  7. Club President or Club President-Elect (or two Designees) attend District Convention (or two other District meetings/conferences)
  8. Be current on District and OI Dues and Fees
Now about that "I don't need any recognition" remark; please think about the car you drive, the restaurant where you choose to eat, the hospital where your child was born, the news feed you read or watch each morning, among many other choices that you make in your daily life. They put their awards front and center at all times. Cars brag about the JD Power award, restaurants receive stars for value and service, hospitals are ranked by a national accreditation association in order to keep you safe, and even your newspaper or channel is enhanced when they have an Emmy-winning broadcaster or Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. 

Recognition matters. It gives credibility to the work they do. 

Please do your part to make certain that your Optimist Club is an Honor Club and you'll give your club the credibility it needs to recruit new members and perform the good work for many years to come. Thank you.

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