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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Consider a transitional membership category for your Optimist Club

It's a new year and our tradition of serving-up monthly membership retention and recruitment tips on Facebook continues. Occasionally, like today, we share the tip here, too.

Membership retention and recruitment tip #65: Offer a transitional membership category for members - or potential members - who are in flux.

Sometimes we ask someone to join our club only to hear that they don’t know where they will be next year at this time.

At renewal time, some current members may weigh the value of continuing their membership because they are anticipating a career change or are moving their place of residence.

Throughout the year, sadly, some members may lose their jobs.

All are good opportunities to offer a transitional membership, one that reduces or suspends dues payments, attendance requirements, or project participation until the potential member or at-risk member has the opportunity to sort out their commitments on a personal level.

Working with members during uncertain times shows loyalty and friendship, some of the most valuable benefits of belonging to an Optimist Club and strengthens the bond they feel towards the club as a whole.

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