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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019: Expect only the best

Every day should begin with an optimistic thought because, as Helen Keller said, "Optimism is the
faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

We should, therefore, think only of the best, work only for the best and expect only the best every day; but one might ask, is that a realistic way to live? Wouldn't this be setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment?

Boom! That's where the pessimism sets in.

When we question our ability to see the best in the world around us, we question our belief in optimism and inadvertently, our attitude shapes our lives in a negative way.

As 2019 begins, I resolve to find new ways to experience the wonders of this amazing world in which we live. I resolve to keep the skepticism at bay. I resolve to expect only the best and I invite you to do the same. Make a promise to yourself to share your optimism with others and then keep that promise. Do your best to make every day the best day of the year.

Happy New Year, friends!

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