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Monday, October 1, 2018

Promise yourself in 2018-2019

And with a blink of the eye, a new Optimist Club administrative year has begun.

pnwoptimist Sometimes I wonder if the days are getting shorter because September 30 seems to arrive before we've had the chance as an Optimist Club to do all that we want to do. However, the good news is that on October 1, we wake up and do it all over again. Why do we do that? Why do we start our calendar of projects all over again? Because:

  • We make a difference in our communities as we do projects that are needed to make our neighborhoods welcoming places to call home. 
  • We make a difference with youth as we coordinate activities with a special emphasis on those that impact children in a positive way. 
  • We make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us as we live the way the Optimist Creed inspires us to do. 

Being an Optimist Club member is a way to share optimism with others. For 100 years, Optimist Club members have been looking for the best, working for the best and expecting only the best. As Optimist International's Centennial year begins, we invite you, here in the Pacific Northwest District and around the world to promise yourself to celebrate with us as we invest in the future of Optimist Clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks to Governor Bruce Gilbertson for his leadership in 2017-2018.

Best wishes to Governor Ben DeRemer for what we imagine will be a fantastic year to come.

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