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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let's work together

Reciting the Optimist Creed will always lift your spirits and give you hope. Today's post is to also give you a reminder to talk about good things: health, happiness and prosperity.

It's rather easy, given today's political climate, to talk about negative topics. Fake news, alternative facts, and indiscriminate practices seem to take the forefront.

As optimists, we must fight back. We've often said, why can't there be more good news on the television and in the newspaper? Why can't there be more good news in my Facebook feed?

I ask, why aren't Optimist Clubs more widely sharing their projects and positive way of life?

As I pondered that question this morning, I realized that in the Pacific Northwest District, only fifty percent of the Optimist Clubs have an online presence. That's not enough!

Here's my offer!
Let me help you get your Optimist Club online. There are low and no-cost options for your Optimist Club to pursue.
Send me a note and let's get started today.

Let's share optimism by talking about health, happiness, and prosperity to every person we meet, in person, online and beyond. Let's work together to make the real news good news.

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