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Monday, May 4, 2015

Make an impact through your Optimist Club's Friends

This year, Governor Dick Disney has asked Optimist Clubs in the Pacific Northwest District to achieve one goal: Honor Club.

To be an Honor Club means that an Optimist Club is doing all that it can to serve its community today and in the future because Honor Club focuses on the four key issues for succession planning:

  1. Community Service
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Membership 
  4. Community Awareness

friend of pnw optimist clubCommunity service can take a variety of forms from the popular scholarship programs offered through Optimist International to local events like youth sports programs, literacy programs, Easter egg hunts, fishing derbies, beautification programs and so much more. The programs or projects that a club conducts is limited only by the members' creativity and enthusiasm. 

Financial stability is demonstrated through timely dues payments to Optimist International and the District where the Optimist Club resides. Dues are necessary because they unite clubs from around the world with a single purpose and provide club resources through an international office. 

Membership must be retained and new members must be recruited to help today's youth achieve tomorrow's dreams. We must replenish ourselves to avoid natural attrition. 

Community awareness takes many forms, but mainly, in a civic-social-service club, it comes from word of mouth marketing. You share your experience of being involved and others want to know more so they can be involved too. 

Optimist International has released a program that takes the last two steps in hand and makes it possible for your Optimist Club to grow and be recognized for its impact in your community. The Community Impact Bundle makes it affordable to add new Friends of Optimists by giving recognition to movers and shakers in your community. The recipients of the Friend of Optimist membership will learn about your Optimist Club and with positive public relations, they will mention it to others.

For only $300, your Optimist Club can purchase six Friends of Optimists and bestow the recognition upon deserving people in your community. Think of the mayor, a minister, teacher, fireman, or police officer, among others, who would be honored to be your Friend. Your club has until September 30, 2015 to purchase the bundle and until December 31, 2015 to activate new Friends of Optimists in your club.

Take another step to Honor Club with the Community Impact Bundle. 

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