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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Less talk, more action!

 experience optimism

Governor Larry Blackburn says, "To get more out of life, put more into it." As the new year begins, it's time to make plans for how we will reach out to our communities in service.

What plans have you made to personally be involved in causes that make a difference? Do your plans include service in your Optimist Club?

So often we hear about projects or organizations and we think, oh my Optimist Club could do that; but we fail to take the initiative, the first step, and we watch as others do what we only think about. Our challenge to you, PNW Optimist Club members, is to take the first step.

You know that project that you've been thinking about? Set at date, invite your club members to join you, organize, advertise, cooperate, work hard, and you'll be amazed as it all falls into place.

Give more, and you will get more satisfaction. Here's to a life of action!

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