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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's an ACPC? I'm glad you asked!

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We are forty days into a new administrative year for Optimist Clubs and Optimist International. By now, your club president should have heard from your Lt. Governor and hopefully, the Lt. Governor visited your club to complete the Annual Club Planning Conference (ACPC) report.

The ACPC is a tool that helps your new club officers plan for the activities that they want to accomplish during the year. By asking obvious questions, like what are your club dues and do you have an annual budget, clubs are reminded that they must tend to the business side of the organization.

By asking the Club Chair names, the president is encouraged to delegate duties. And by asking about goals in membership, participation and service, the Lt. Governor can learn how they might help the clubs in their zone be successful.

The ACPC has returned this year as an important club development resource. International President Jack Creswell emphasizes that  Lt. Governors should have this discussion with the clubs in their zone so that they may also identify problem areas and offer district services for support.

Many of the questions on the report can be answered by your secretary-treasurer, but that's really not the point. No one wants to fill out paperwork just for the sake of doing paperwork. Please take ten to fifteen minutes of your time at your next Optimist Club meeting and complete the answers with your club members present. It's a learning and growing experience for all.

Find out more about Optimist International and its Districts structure and services here. 

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