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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greetings from the Governor

MK Mueller
I have an incredible treat for you. MK Mueller will be our key-note speaker at our District Convention in Bellevue, Wa. August 25-27th. International trainer and author of the best selling book "8 to Great," MK Mueller began her professional life as a high school teacher when she hit rock bottom and found herself in a domestic violence shelter. From the depths of despair, she experienced life-changing insights as she discovered that we are not victims because the power to effect change is always within us.

Meanwhile, she is dedicated to the empowerment of our youth, and trains thousands of middle and high school teachers each year in her 8 to Great Success Curriculum. It has touched so many lives it was recently mentioned on Dr. Phil! MK is a winner of the Heartland Hero Award and numerous music awards for her inspiring compositions.

In addition to MK Mueller, we are blessed to have International President Elect Jack Creswell and his wife, Sue, join us in Bellevue. Not every district get's a visit from International Presidents - we are very fortunate. Come, bring your questions and be ready to share and learn some great ideas. Current International President Danny Rodgers wants to visit your club. Any club that signs up 20 new Friends of Optimists (FOOs) by the end of September, 2011 will receive such a visit. No way? Yes way! We have a plan and we know it will work. More information to follow. Any club that accomplishes this by our Convention will also receive a visit from Abraham Lincoln for any local school of your choice. The first club to reach 20 will receive special recognition at our Convention. Let's do it.

Enjoy the rest of your sum-mer and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in August.
In Optimism,

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