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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Add, add, delete your way to Honor Club

Only 69 more days in the 2010-2011
Optimist Club year
Your Optimist Club president has received emails from International President Danny Rodgers this week that explain how easy it is for your club to be an Honor Club.

Actually, it has never been easier than this year to reach that recognition. All that President Danny has asked his team (that's you!) to do this year is to add at least 20% new member additions to your Optimist Club. For the first time in my history, your Optimist Club will not be penalized for deletions, but you will be congratulated for additions. Don't worry about "net," just add, add, and delete when necessary.

Okay, so it is pretty easy to do. Why should you want to do it? 

Many Optimist Club leaders express a disinterest in receiving awards or recognition for their community service. However, reaching Honor Club is more than a level of recognition. It is the way your club continually builds for future service. 

In order to serve your community to the best of your club's ability, it is your responsibility to plan for succession. The easiest way to be sure there is someone to take your place is to be proactive in asking others to join. You never know who is interested...until you ask.  You never know who the next leader may be...until you ask. 

Of course, you really should do just a little more.  Complete and submit your President's Pride report and tell everyone about all the great things your Optimist Club does. When complete, print it out and use it to help create an annual report to tell the community about your Optimist Club

Be sure that Optimist International knows who has been elected to serve your club in 2011-2012. It's important; Optimist International wants and needs to communicate with them! So does the PNW District. 

Pay your bills. We are fortunate to belong to an international organization that provides resources and insurance, but we have to always invest in that benefit. 

Finally, reach out and help your fellow Optimist Clubs.  As a club president, you serve on the District Board of Directors. Provide counsel on the direction of your region and our organization by attending the district meetings and convention. You'll meet new friends, share ideas, and be a voice for the Optimist Club members and projects that you represent. 

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