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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Three Rs of Membership: It's not what you think!

The Optimist Club of Roseburg, Oregon marks the southernmost boundary of our very large Pacific Northwest District. Because of the distance, we don't often see members from the Roseburg Optimist Club at our gatherings.

Too bad - they have some great ideas they could share with other Optimist Clubs like the Santa Hotline, the Halloween Closet where children can borrow a costume, and the newest program, found hidden on the back page of their most recent bulletin:

The Roseburg Optimist Club Referral Rewards Program.

It's self explanatory.  Please click on the picture to enlarge and after you've read it, please tell us what you think by using the comment section below.

Do you need new members in your Optimist Club? Would a Referral Rewards Program work for you?

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