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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Enough happiness to fill a shopping cart

I recently had a lot of fun visiting the West Tacoma Optimist Club and meeting another great group of Optimist Club members.  The club is being guided by President Shirley Zurfluh (right) this year and are they busy!  In fact they just completed Tri-Star Basketball in the local schools with 569 participants.

Davena Thompson (left) is the club treasurer this year and she has a tasty way of fundraising.  Every once and awhile she bakes a pie and auctions it at the club meeting.  This weeks delicacy was a cherry and mixed berry pie that sold for $52.  Let me tell you it was great fun, even though I didn't win the pie.

One of the signature activities of the West Tacoma Optimist Club is their celebration of Happy Dollars. Members share stories about their families in a way that truly helps them bond.

While it was entertaining and enlightening to learn more about the West Tacoma Optimist Club, one of the most exciting part of the evening was watching the officers prepare for the meeting. First, the room had to be just the right size for the number of members and guests expected that evening and they had to have the right amenities for the presentation.  Next, the club officers wheeled out a shopping cart full of Optimist Club supplies. There was the US flag, Canadian flag, club banner, creed banner, lectern, bell and gavel and most treasured of all, the original framed copy of the club charter from 1956.

Tradition and respect are key for this group of Optimists. Thank you for sharing your history and your optimism with the community and each other every day.

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