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Monday, June 7, 2010

McCall Optimist Club hosts party for graduates

The McCall Optimist Club hosted one of their annual events, the Senior Party on Saturday, June 5.  Club Secretary Jim Thackeray forwarded the following pictures along with this note:

The event was a huge sucess!  Approximately 46 graduates and guests attended, and all seemed to have a wonderful time enjoying the amenities of the Sports Club, casino activities, bingo, walleyball, basketball, swimming events, jacuzzi, sauna, pizza, drawings, ping pong, contests, and more.  Kudos to Co-Chairmen Paul Gullickson and Flint McDaniel for their excellent leadership.  And, thanks to the many, many volunteers who stepped up and contributed to the effort in various ways.  The Class of 2010 is an outstanding bunch of young people, and they seemed truly appreciative of our efforts.
Jim also included a more formal press release describing the partners and people that contributed to the event.  Thanks for the story Jim.  We agree! These pictures show a great time being enjoyed by all.  

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