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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Optimists are the talk of the town

Does your Optimist Club create a buzz whenever they gather? Take a look at the Gulf Breeze Optimist Club who made headlines just for announcing their new officers were installed. The message here is your community cares about the things you do, but they don't know what you are doing unless you tell them.
Here are some quick tips to help you make your Optimist Club the talk of the town today:
  1. Write a press release after every Optimist Club meeting
  2. Describe why your Optimist Club's activities benefit your town and the people who live there
  3. Submit items to your local paper regularly
  4. When you are announcing an important event or an activity that involves the community, pick up the phone and make sure the correct reporter got the release
  5. Don't get discouraged when your release is edited or if it doesn't make the cut. Sometimes it will be printed and sometimes it won't - let the media decide what is news
  6. Do ask the editor of your local newspaper what he looks for in a story so that you can deliver relevant, timely information

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