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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hindsight is 2020. Choose Optimism in 2021


In less than 24 hours, 2020 hindsight will have a new meaning. It used to be that when we said hindsight is 20:20 we were speaking of being clear, with all things known. Now and forever, 2020 hindsight will be known for its disruption and the sheer unknowing that COVID-19 unleashed during this most unprecedented year. 

While vaccines have been developed and approved with what seems lightning speed, we still face the uncertainty of their effectiveness, safety, and availability leading us to hope for the best in the new year.  Frontline health care workers and seniors were the first to be inoculated and soon, perhaps, the vaccine rollout will cover all. Perhaps life will eventually return to something bearing a reasonable semblance to what we used to call normal.

As we press on to the greater achievements of the future, as good Optimists are willed to do, I believe we must also look back on the past year with gratitude. We've learned that technology is truly our friend, patience is truly a virtue, and love is truly what makes life worth living. 

Looking forward to the new year, we must think only of the best and expect only the best because now, more than ever, we must #ChooseOptimism. 

Happy New Year to all the Optimists out there. Help us share messages of resilience and happiness as we rally all of those around us to success in 2021. 

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