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Monday, August 31, 2020

Re-imagining Optimist Club service during the pandemic

PNW Optimist Club re-imagine support
The school season has arrived and the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year will be like none other. 

Some children are heading back to the classroom and many more are staying home for distance learning that will take place via Zoom or other platforms. For the foreseeable future, parents will continue in the multiple roles they began in the spring when COVID-19 forced the world into quarantine. In addition to being mom and dad, they've also adopted the role of teacher or tutor and gym coach. 

There are time management challenges for parents working from home and childcare challenges for those who must report to their place of business. Wouldn't this be a great time for Optimist Clubs to step-up their service to their communities? 

Some ideas that come to mind: 

  • Host online activities like storytelling, art class, or a singalong. 
  • Create a series of mini scavenger hunts and have children check-in at a certain time each day, for a certain length of time, to report their finds. 
  • Host a virtual walk for children, and adults too, to complete a certain route. Take pictures along the way and submit their favorite for a raffle prize. 
  • Host an online talent show for singing or an online poetry slam.
  • For those communities that can, partner with a church or community center to host any of the above in a properly physically distanced environment. 
We are looking for more innovative ways that Optimist Clubs can provide support to children and families in these difficult times. Please click here to share ideas about how Optimist Clubs may re-imagine service and support for youth and community and we'll share your ideas with others. 

Promise yourself work only for the best. We'll get through this pandemic because we're optimists.

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