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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

An optimism challenge in Mission, BC

As a way of re-imagining service, the Mission Optimist Club reached out to children in its community in May with the Youth Optimism Challenge. For each of the weeks, it challenged children, ages 5-18, to complete a social media task. Parents were needed to help post online for the kiddos who didn't meet Facebook's age requirement.

The challenges lasted one week only and at the end of each week, lucky winners were able to choose a board game of their choice.

The challenges allowed children to be contemplative and creative and the prizes were family-oriented to help get through the COVID-19 quarantine challenge that has isolated all.

The first challenge asked: Post a photo holding a homemade sign to say what you look forward to doing when the quarantine is over.

Challenge number two asked: Express what brings you joy through these tough times.

Challenge number three asked: List five things for which you are grateful.

Challenge number four asked: Show us your awesome window display.

With this project, the Mission Optimist Club demonstrated how well it could adapt to challenging times by embracing technology. Most of all, it encouraged optimism beginning at home with our youngest members of society.

The questions asked of youth might easily be asked of all ages. Why not ask yourself questions one, two, three, and four today?

Well done, Mission Optimist Club!

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