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Friday, November 23, 2018

Optimist Club rakes-up Boise

NeighborWorks is a nonprofit organization in Boise created to provide housing solutions for underserved populations. It accomplishes its mission by creating strategic partnerships which contribute to building stronger communities. Neighbors help neighbors through NeighborWorks Boise and they have been doing so since 1985. What does this have to do with an Optimist Club?

Since 1985, the Boise (Noon) Optimist Club has been working with the organization to Rake-up Boise and Paint the Town. The two signature programs have united service clubs, banks, churches, businesses, and others in projects that make Boise a more livable community for 33 years. The Optimist Club has been involved since its inception.

With it being autumn, you can probably guess in which project the Boise Optimist Club recently participated. It involved rakes, leaves, and a good group of smiling Optimist Club volunteers. Here are a few scenes from Rake-up Boise with the Nooners at Rake-up Boise.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Peterson.

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