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Sunday, August 5, 2018

The West Tacoma Optimist Club offers pancakes once every year

Pancake breakfasts continue to be a popular fundraising effort for service clubs around the world and that holds true in the Tacoma, Washington area. For over 25 years, the West Tacoma Optimist Club has offered up pancakes on the first Saturday in August as a way to raise support for its club, both in revenues and participation. The annual event includes a silent auction and book sale.

While attendance may not be the same as when started so many years ago, the enthusiasm is just as great and while the club members catch up with many loyal community member attendees, they also have fun, sharing stories with one another and hatching up new ideas for programs in the coming new year. This short video is just a sample of the fellowship that the West Tacoma Optimist Club members offer to those who might wish to join their ranks. If you are interested in being an Optimist volunteer in Tacoma or elsewhere, please find a club at this link, visit it, and join!

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