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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Optimist Club meetings are good for your health

This may sound rather simple, but sometimes the best thing an Optimist Club can do is get its members together to socialize. After all, according to Jane Brody in the New York Times,  "social interaction is a critically important contributor to good health and longevity."

Don't believe Jane, or me, read up on the scientifically reviewed article "Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy."

Optimist Clubs provide a consistent opportunity for friends and colleagues to get together, share information and optimism, and when appropriate, work together to make their communities great places to live.

Some Optimist Clubs meet during mealtimes; others meet for beverages or desserts, and some just gather for about an hour or so for a meeting. In this fast and busy world we live in, where social media is popular, there are even some clubs that primarily meet online. Any of these models are okay, but if you get the chance to get together, we highly encourage it.

Remember, going to an Optimist Club meeting - and socializing with others - is good for your community and you. Just ask this crew in the picture, members of the Optimist Club of Hillsboro, Oregon. They're saying "hi!" and "Merry Christmas!" They're probably also saying, "Join an Optimist Club!" Can't you just hear them?

hillsboro optimist club

Thanks to Jack Thornton for the photo. We'd love to hear what your Optimist Club is doing this holiday season. Please click here to send us a picture and story.

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