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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Join an Optimist Club. It may lead to a more prosperous life

Every Optimist Club has a favorite project and many of them claim that the days between
Thanksgiving and the New Year is their favorite time of the year. During the holidays, there are multiple ways that Optimist Club members connect with their target audience: children. From food drives, to parades, parties, and presents around the tree, Optimist Club members are willing to serve. The trouble is, there aren't enough Optimist Club members to do as much as we really want to do.

At the holiday season, when we come in contact with so many people, it is especially important to keep the open sign front and center so that potential new members know that they are welcome to join an Optimist Club.

pnw optimist clubsIt is also important to let them know, at this most commercial time of the year, that joining an Optimist Club is as good a business decision as it is a personal commitment. Optimist Clubs support relationships because when we gather together as club members to do good in our communities, we form friendships, and we develop mutual business interests and connections.

When I first joined an Optimist Club, the business relationship was a central point of interest for all of the members. Somewhere over the last twenty years, that has been forgotten, and sometimes even discouraged.

I'm here to tell you that when we accept that our  personal lives are intertwined with our careers and the service we offer to others, it will lead to more fulfilling, peaceful, and prosperous lives.

The takeaway from this post is proudly shared as Membership Retention and Recruitment Tip #52*:
Help members connect with one another. Since the beginning of time, individuals have come together in groups for safety, socialization, knowledge, and commerce. As they conversed with one another, perhaps around the campfire, they discovered those whose knowledge or skills they respected, those from whom they could learn, and those who needed their help. When we gather together in groups today, we have the opportunity to learn these same things, but we must direct the effort for connection. Encourage members to share information about their hobbies and careers in addition to sharing their commitment to their community and business relationships will arise and friendships will grow.

*Once a month, I share a membership retention and recruitment tip on the PNW Optimist Clubs page on Facebook. That's right, this makes the 52nd month in a row. Thanks for reading!

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