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Monday, January 23, 2017

Prepare your Optimist Club's legacy with Honor Club

For more years than I can remember, Optimist International has measured the success of an Optimist Club based on one recognition:
Honor Club.

The Honor Club criteria has been adjusted over time, but its award has always meant that an Optimist Club is managing itself in a way that will help it succeed far into the future.

Earning Honor Club helps your Optimist Club create its legacy. 

The Honor Club criteria are set forth by the Optimist International Board of Directors in Policy ICD-135.  They are:
  1. Complete three or more service projects each year 
  2. Complete the President’s Pride Report and Club Officer-Elect Form 
  3. Recognize a Club member or local community individual 
  4. Grow Club by Net of +3 in membership
  5. Appoint a Club Foundation Representative and make a non-restricted contribution to the OIF or CCOF 
  6. Conduct a Membership Recruitment/Drive (i.e. NOW) Program 
  7. Club President or Club President-Elect (or two Designees) attend District Convention (or two other District meetings/conferences) 
  8. Be current on District and OI Dues and Fees
Optimist Clubs that demonstrate a further commitment to growth are called Distinguished Optimist Clubs

Earning Distinguished Optimist Club helps Optimist International create its legacy.

The Distinguished Club criteria are set forth by the Optimist International Board of Directors in Policy ICD-135. In addition to earning an Honor Club recognition, they must also:
  1. Meet Honor Club requirements
  2. Add Net + 15 in membership OR Build one or more new Clubs OR Increase by Net + 8 and build two or more JOOI Clubs
Many Optimist Club members say they do not do what they do for an award. They appreciate the smiles on the faces of the children they serve and enjoy the cameraderie of their fellow members in service. I get it; that in itself is a reward. However, it is selfish to think that way for it serves only those who can participate today. 

We must rid ourselves of that selfish thinking so that Optimist Clubs will be able to serve others well into the future. It's up to you to ensure that your Optimist Club is providing the best service to its community and members by demonstrating excellence in administration, service and growth through the Honor Club Recognition Program. Don't wait - start today. 

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