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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Donation leads to advertising for Oregon City Optimist Club

Optimist Clubs serve their communities in different ways.

Sometimes the clubs receive recognition
for their involvement and many times they don't. I think most members would say that just knowing they have made a difference is enough recognition for them.

But it is still nice to be recognized. Recognition helps attract new members to your club because people see the good that you are doing. Recognition elevates your status in your community and in addition to recruiting new members, it encourages collaboration and support with other organizations and businesses. Simply put, recognition helps your Optimist Club do more.

The Oregon City Optimist Club recently participated in a major fundraising for the high school wrestling team. Their donation funded new wrestling mats and as a bonus to doing a good deed, the club's name is now printed on two of the mats for all to see.

That sounds like a win-win situation for sure. Good job Oregon City Optimists!

Photos: Esther Hunt, Oregon City Optimist Club

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