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Friday, June 3, 2016

Two candidates announced for PNW District Governor-elect

ben deremer pnw district optimist
Ben DeRemer
Candidate Qualifications Chair and Immediate Past Governor Dick Disney has announced that two Optimist Club members have indicated their intention to run for Governor-elect 2016-17 of the Pacific Northwest District.

The two candidates and their respective Optimist Clubs are:

  • Ben DeRemer, Gresham Scouters and Gresham, Oregon
  • Teresa Wallace, Gresham, Oregon
An interview was held with each candidate and the  questions with their responses follow:

Why do you wish to run for PNW District Governor-Elect?
Teresa Wallace
Ben: “I want to be able to create value to the district that has a meaningful impact for the clubs and the programs they support.” 
Teresa: “I was asked. I’m honored. I helped Fred his year & I believe I can do it.”

What do you wish to accomplish during your term? (Goals etc.)

Teresa: “Find a solution to the question, why should I pay to volunteer? So our clubs can grow.” 
Ben: “– To create best practices training the new members that join our clubs so that they feel more engaged/active to continue with their clubs;
- Make the district and its functions transparent with their duties and responsibilities so that even a brand new member can understand their purpose.”

List at least three leadership positions you have held in the district? (Club president, zone, committee chairperson, district office, etc.
Ben: “Club President – 2x, District Committee Chair – 3X, Lt. Governor – 1X” 
Teresa: “Leadership Chair (District), President 3 times, Lt. Gov. 2x’s”

Do you commit to a three year service (Gov.-Elect, Gov., and Immediate Past Gov.)?

Teresa: “Absolutely” 
Ben: “Yes, I commit to the minimum of three years, plus any additional asked of me.”

Do you commit to attending all district conferences, 2nd quarter super zone (If selected) meetings and the annual convention meetings?

Ben: “Yes, I will attend all district functions, meetings and conferences if I am selected.” 
Teresa: “Yes!”

Can you afford financially to meet the demands of this office even if reimbursements are delayed or reduced because of the district’s budget? (This includes, transportation, lodging and meals on your own)
Teresa: “Yes” 
Ben: “Yes, I can afford to cover expenses for the duties in which I am in charge of if the district cannot afford it.”

Do you have someone to officially nominate you?
Ben: “Yes, I have approached several people who would nominate me.” 
Teresa: “Yes”

Do you have someone to speak to your qualifications and to the positive contributions you can provide as governor of the PNW District? 
Teresa: “Yes” 
Ben: “I have some who can speak to my qualifications as well as backups for convention.”

Have you approached anyone to serve as Secretary/Treasurer?
Ben: “Yes I have, and I will look for several potential candidates.” 
Teresa: “Not yet”

Nominations remain open until the PNW District Convention, August 25-28, 2016.

Optimist Club members in good standing who have served as an Optimist Club President may contact
Dick Disney  for an interview to  be officially declared a qualified candidate.

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