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Saturday, September 26, 2015

What's so special about Honor Club?

pnw optimist clubs honor clubI've been an Optimist Club member for almost 30 years. When I joined, there was one determination as to whether your Optimist Club had a good year: Honor Club. If your club received the Honor Club recognition, then you had done all that you could do to make your club the best it could be.

At that time, Honor Club required the same steps as we currently have:
Plus the following:
  • Complete all reports on time to include the Club Officer Elect Report (COER) and the Annual Club Planning Conference (ACPC)
  • End the year with +5 or more members
  • Recognize a club member as a Life Member of Optimist International in place of the Optimist of the Year award
Not every club made it and that's what made it so special; those that did gave just a little bit more of their time to earn the recognition that an Optimist Club deserves. More important, the care and maintenance of an Optimist Club today helps ensure it will be here next year, and many more years to come. 

As we close out the 2014-2015 administrative year, everyone can help ensure that their club is the best. There's 4 more days to recruit another member, finish reports and make your payments to the organization. I doubt there is any club that hasn't conducted way more than 3 service projects, but just in case, there is even time to do a quick and easy project in one day or less. 

All hands on deck! Let's make this Optimist Club year one to remember.

As of this writing, Optimist International is very close to having added 10,000 new members for 2014-2015. With 42 or more new members, we'll reach that mark, one the organization has not realized for some time. Let's all do our part to get us to 100,000 members by the 100th anniversary of Optimist International.

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