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Monday, January 26, 2015

On the Idaho trail with Governor Dick Disney

PNW District Optimist Clubs
Governor Dick Disney, President
Tom Crawford, McCall Optimist Club
There are a lot of different tasks that a district governor attends to each year on behalf of their district.

Some are administrative, crossing t's and dotting i's to be sure that every club and every member is accounted for with the international office. Some are planning, making certain that district meetings are informative and enjoyable for all. Some are challenging, empowering district leaders and club officers to make their Optimist Clubs the best service club in the community.

But most of all, the duties of a district governor are fun and heartwarming. Those powerful emotions come from meeting new people across the wide span of the PNW District and learning about the important projects that each Optimist Club performs in their communities.
PNW District Optimist Clubs
Governor-elect Mike Gray, Governor
Dick Disney, Caldwell Optimist Club

In order to partake of those fun, heartwarming duties, Governor Dick Disney left his home-base in the West Tacoma, WA Optimist Club on Monday, January 19, 2015 to visit a number of Optimist Clubs in Idaho, Zone 2. His travelogue included:

Tuesday - McCall Optimist Club, President Tom Crawford presiding
Wednesday morning - Meridian Optimist Club, President Trenna Bowman Garcia presiding
Wednesday afternoon - Caldwell Optimist Club, President Doe Schamp presiding
Thursday - Twin Falls Optimist Club, Past President Danae Klimes presiding
PNW District Optimist Clubs
Governor Dick Disney, President Lisa
Peterson, Boise Noon Optimist Club
Monday - Middleton Area Optimist Club, President Peter Cabrera presiding

As of this post, he hopes to visit the La Grande, Oregon Optimist Club on his return to Washington.

During the trip, Governor Dick  met hundreds of Optimist Club members and learned of many important club and community activities. While every club has its special flavor, he was especially interested in the club programs
offered by those that follow a traditional meeting model. When clubs invite speakers into their meetings, they learn of community needs and celebrations and can map out a way that the Optimist Club can help or participate. Club speakers also learn of the Optimist Club as they listen to committee reports and calendar updates and the projects of an active club encourages them to join.

PNW District Optimist Clubs
Governor Dick Disney, Past President
Danae Klimes, Twin Falls
Optimist Club
For instance, at the Twin Falls Optimist Club meeting, the speaker was there to describe the new Wellness Tree Clinic that had recently opened to benefit those without insurance, especially those that fall in the Idaho Medicaid coverage gap. While Arne Walker waited to make his presentation, he saw one new member be inducted into the club and met four others who had already turned in their application and would be inducted soon. You bet he left with an application in hand, and I bet it's completed and returned next week!

When we share fellowship, we grow. When we share optimism, we grow. When we share our positive thoughts and deeds, we grow.

PNW District Optimist Clubs
Because no trip to Twin Falls is
complete without seeing Shoshone
Falls, Past Governor Linda Vaught and
Governor Dick Disney stopped by on
the way out of town. 
Governor Dick will be making plans to visit Oregon, Washington and British Columbia soon. If you would like him to make a trip to your Optimist Club, please send him a message and he'll get you added to his calendar today.

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