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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twin Falls Optimist Club promotes "Scardust"

Donna Bohrn, member of the Twin Falls Optimist Club, wrote in this week to tell us about a strong young lady that has caught the attention of the Optimists and others in the Twin Falls, Idaho community. Her name is Jennifer Devine-Hatch and she has suffered with cystic fibrosis all of her life, spending countless days in hospital and many undergoing surgery.

This Christmas season finds Jennifer struggling for perhaps her last time as she waits for surgery on December 19, 2014.

Donna explains that the Twin Falls Optimist Club "has bought this small book for children with scars and painful scars to their souls, Scardust." Written by Ms. Devine-Hatch, the 28-page book serves as an inspiration and advocate for those who, like she, are surviving and coping with chronic illness.

Ms. Devine-Hatch has a Christmas wish: to put more of these books in the hands of children in hospitals and available to read in physicians' offices. Donna thought perhaps the PNW District might help. If each Optimist Club bought one book - or more - to distribute in their community, the Optimist Clubs in the Pacific Northwest, and around the world, can help this young lady's dream come true and help others suffering in similar ways as well.

The book can be purchased at the Girl with Scars website, on Amazon (affiliate link) or by contacting Donna Bohrn at 208.539.1836.

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