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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Plan for the future with hope and positive vision

The McCall Optimist Club takes the summer off. After all, what's a club to do when it meets in a resort location but enjoy the busy-ness and commerce that accompanies all the visitors to their community. But when September hits, the club is back at work making sure that their resort is also their home.

Every week, we receive a weekly email reminding members to attend. This quick little message is both informative and inspirational. Most of all, it encourages members to get up early on Tuesday morning and be ready to learn about their community.

This week's message said a little more. It said that the board will be meeting and they want all members to attend and help plan the installation dinner and budget, line-up speakers, and plan a membership drive.

Now those are some positive administrative duties indeed. The McCall Optimist Club is planning for the future. Is your Optimist Club doing the same?

You have to plan for the succession and growth of your Optimist Club. It does not happen by accident.  It takes hope and positive vision, and a little planning, to bring out the best in not just children, but in all of us.

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