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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oregon City Optimist Club honors the Oregon City Police

optimist club honors oregon city police
Oregon City Optimist Club honors
the Oregon City Police
Brian Shaw, President, Oregon City Optimist Club, wrote in today to share information about the club's Respect for Law program. He said that the club has been honoring officers for around 25 years. Usually held in early June, it rotates between the Oregon City Police Department and the Clackamas County Sheriff Department.

The 2014 event was held on June 10 and instead of honoring one individual as officer of the year, as is the norm, Oregon City's Police Chief Jim Band recognized the entire department. It was a tough year, with the tragic loss of an officer, and all pulled together to serve the community through their grief.

Thirteen officers were treated to breakfast with the Oregon City Optimist Club and were honored with the Optimist International Respect for Law plaque.

Thanks for sharing the story and pictures, Brian.

Breakfast with the officers
optimist respect for law
Respect for Law plaque

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