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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The positive approach to membership growth

Serving as governor of a district in Optimist International, there are many things that crosses one's desk. There are club programs, notices from Optimist International, leadership questions, meeting planning tasks, and events to attend, among other things; and always, there are thoughts about how to make our Optimist Clubs stronger through membership growth.

With that in mind, Governor Fred Wallace emailed today with the following message:
Cougar Says
Hey Ladies and Gentleman of the great Pacific Northwest. Great News today from Optimist International. We are only down 68 members. That puts us way ahead of many Districts. Thanks for all your hard work. I know there are several New Clubs in the works, so I know we will come out on top. I am so proud of District 32. Talk later.
Governor Fred is right. Being down 68 members at the halfway point in the year is not a bad statistic. And I have even more good news for you:

If your club and every club will commit to becoming an Honor Club in 2013-2014, the loss in membership will be cleared and your Optimist Club will be even stronger, and better able to serve more children in your community. It's statistically shown that every member touches the lives of at least 30 children every year. When your club adds new members, it extends its reach locally, in schools and beyond.

So how do you do it? How do you get new members to join your Optimist Club? It ends with 8 words, "Do you want to join my Optimist Club?" But how does it start?

Wyatt King, member of the Lebanon Optimist Club says that the secret to adding members is optimism. According to Wyatt, the Lebanon Optimists are always upbeat at their meetings and programs and their positive attitude is inviting; people want to share in the good vibes. There must be some truth in Wyatt's secret. So far this year, the Lebanon Optimists have added 10 members and lost 2 for a net membership growth of 8.

Your Optimist Club can do it too. Just be positive, set the right attitude...and don't forget to ask those 8 words.

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