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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Salem Optimist Club continues its Youth Appreciation Program

youth appreciation optimist club salem
Shea White-Toney and Larry Young
While Optimist Clubs shared holiday cheer throughout the Pacific Northwest District and around the world, the Salem Optimist Club continued to do what Optimist Clubs do best: celebrate the accomplishments of children.

Following their ongoing commitment to recognize students at its regular meetings, on Thursday, the Salem Optimist Club honored Shea White-Toney and Heather Kramer with the Optimist Youth Appreciation Award.

Shea is drama student at Blanchett High School. According to his high school counselor, he is hard-working and committed, with a wonderful work ethic. "He gets it," said Tom Hewitt. "He understands the focus and passion it takes to create a strong character and build a great performance. He also understands 'ensemble', that it takes all parts, large and small, to achieve something meaningful." He concluded his praise by saying that Shea is a joy to work with.

Shea is a senior at Blanchett and although he knows that theater arts will always be a part of his life, he considering physical therapy as a college major.
salem optimist club honors youth
Heather Kramer and Joe Miller

Heather Kramer is also a senior. She attends Sprague High School and was honored for achievement in fine
arts and performing arts. Jay Crystal, Assistant Principal, lists Heather's talents in her involvement in Concert Choir, Musical Theater (acting AND singing), Framework (Acapella choir) and other great contributions to Sprague's fine arts programs.

Heather is considering Stanford and Seattle Pacific to complete her education.

Thanks to the Salem Optimist Club for the stories and pictures. To see other students honored by the Optimist Club this year, please visit Optimist Club of Salem on Facebook.

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