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Thursday, October 10, 2013

North Shore Optimist Club are stewards of the salmon

Andrew Saxton, MP and
Darrell Mussatto, Mayor
Optimist Clubs and members have many different interests, but there is always one constant theme: Optimist Clubs support projects that make our world a better place to live. That might have been what was on the minds of the Vancouver North Shore Optimist Club when they attended an open house held by the Seymour Salmonid Society.

The first open house in ten years, the event drew dignitaries and community organizations and honored them for their contributions and support of the Seymour River Hatchery. Included along with the North Shore Optimist Club were Andrew Saxton, MP, North Vancouver; Darrel Mussatto, Mayor, City of North Vancouver; and Jane Thornthwaite, MLA, North Vancouver/Seymour, representing the government of British Columbia.

Following the ceremony, Optimist Club members Bob Renshaw and Robert Jackson joined a tour of the Seymour Hatchery where they discovered the many fry that are being prepared for their trip to the ocean within the next two years. They learned about the habitat created for the fish to lay eggs and how student field trips are conducted. The Optimist Club was invited to return in the spring to interact with the classes and students.
Bob Renshaw, Matt Casselman,
and Robert Jackson

When the tour was over, Robert and Bob met with Matt Casselman and Ed Walls of the Salmonind Society and presented the organization with a $1,000 donation.

It's important that our Optimist Clubs be present for important community events, showing both financial and moral support for what is good in our communities. Kudos the North Shore Optimist Club for their involvement.

Story and photos courtesy of Robert Jackson, Vancouver North Shore Optimist Club. 

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