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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It is time to complete your paperwork

Well, it's September 29, 2013. Another Optimist Club administrative year is about to begin. But, before we start, we owe it to our club and district leaders to do all that we need to do to make this year complete.

One of the greatest accomplishments that every Optimist Club can celebrate every year is attaining the status of Honor Club. Clubs that perform at this level make a promise to club members and their communities that they intend to be around for a long time and are acting in a manner to do so. The Honor Club requirements are simple: 
award cert optimist club
You must complete this form for Club
Honor or Distinguished recognition
  • Complete at least three service projects a year
  • Recognize a Club member or local community individual
  • Grow Club by net plus 1
  • Be current on District and Optimist International dues
Some Optimist Clubs will do just a little bit more. By completing the above requirements and making Optimist Club growth a priority, a small number of clubs will also attain the Distinguished Club recognition. They must complete all that is required of an Honor Club plus: 
  • Grow their Optimist Club by net 15 members, or 
  • Start a new Optimist Club
So this message is meant to encourage Optimist Club leaders to close out their leadership year in style by completing the paperwork that tells Optimist International and the district that their club has completed some or all of the above requirements. 

Log in to Optimistleaders.com now and complete the President's Pride report. Add any new members that may be waiting. Make sure your financial obligations have been paid. And finally, download this certification and notify Optimist International that your club has recognized a club member or local community individual for their optimism. 

Don't just be an Honor Club or Distinguished Club. Take pride in telling others that you have accomplished this level commitment and allow Optimist International recognize you and your Optimist Club for its service. Our communities and our Optimist Clubs deserve it. 

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