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Friday, July 19, 2013

New policies to be adopted at the PNW Optimist District Convention

Working independently, with directions from Optimist International leadership and encouragement from Governor Larry Blackburn, Joe Shreve has presented a new PNW District Policies document for discussion and approval at the district convention on August 11-13, 2013. The previous document that was being used by the district was an addendum to the suggested district policies prepared by Optimist International. Over the years, the district had ignored there was a primary document. In order to revise the document and make it acceptable to Optimist International, the new proposed policies have been rewritten in the suggested format and incorporated into one document. 

Joe shares some thoughts about the process and where we go from here: 
The District Policy revisions somehow turned into a completely re-stated document in the format recommended by OI. There is a lot of new language as suggested by OI and some changes completely dreamed up by myself. That alone should teach folks to never put me in charge of such a project. 
For example, check out Executive Committee on p.5 (some of you won’t like this). Voting and voting strength at convention on p.9 has been revised (some of you won’t like this) to conform to OI Bylaws. Who gets reimbursed and for what and how much has been clarified on p.16. A new policy on Conflict of Interest has been added on p.16. All the committees and their duties have been listed in one place for easy reference on p.10-14. There is a big blank space in CCDHH on p.13 to be filled in by recommendations from Bill French’s special CCDHH committee. There are many others. 
This re-stated document is published here on the website for your review. Scroll down or click here:
I fully expect amendments will need to be offered. Amendments need to correctly worded to get the results you desire so put your recommendations into writing and bring a MSWord copy on a disc or flash drive so the S-T can put it up on the screen for all the see. 
Happy reading.
Submitted by Joe Shreve

Please send any questions about the process to Joe or Governor Larry. Thank you.

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