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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Proud to be an Optimist Day

The Caribbean District - Optimist International has declared that March 27, 2103 will be "I am proud to be an Optimist" Day. PNW Optimist Clubs, let's join them!

According to organizer Patrick Prendergast, some simple ideas to let the world know that you are an Optimist Club member are:

  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper or write an article or letter to the editor that gives testimony to the benefits of belonging to an Optimist Club
  • Create an Optimist Corner at your office/workplace with pictures of a project, a previous CPA book, the Optimist Magazine, bulletins from your club or anything that will help your colleagues take notice of our cause. 
  • Wear your Optimist attire and trappings with even more pride on that day; share your elevator speech and offer promotional material including an application to join. 

Another simple, soft-selling message, and one that will gather a great deal of attention among our Facebook friends and family is to change our profile picture for one day of solidarity and awareness. Please right click on the picture provided and save the image as a picture on your local computer. On March 27, upload this picture to your Facebook profile and proclaim to the world that you are "Proud to be an Optimist."

Thank you.

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