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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You asked for it; you got it!

District Essay Chair Karon Yaden was being super-efficient when she asked that Optimist Clubs turn their entries into her by February 10. However, due to a public outcry for more time, she says, "Of course!" 

The new, revised, and more in line with what you have done in the past (and what Optimist International suggests) date is now February 28. Please submit your club winner to her by that time. She says: 
All I can say is I hope you will forgive me for putting a RUSH on your essay contest. RELAX. Please now take your time in the month of February and DO GET the club's winning essay and forms and your club's $35.00 to me by February 28th. Now the rush will be on me. 
I know each of you have and are working hard on your essay contest. They will be successful and very much rewarding. I have had several inquiries. Some I have directed to clubs near the student others will be in the "At Large" group. These students are our future Optimists. Please make contact with the parents. Introduce Optimism and your club and all its activities for youth to the parents. I believe this is a place and opportunity to reach new members.

Thank you, club and club members for holding the essay contest. You have given these students the opportunity to express their thoughts on "How Can I Help My Friends Realize Their Value?," get experience in writing an essay and receiving acknowledgement and reward from your club. 
May I encourage each club that did not hold an essay contest to do so next year. The personal and club gratification is very rewarding.

Karon Yaden
PNW District Essay Chairman

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