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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A race to the finish

As we reach the end of the Optimist International administrative year, Executive Director Benny Ellerbe and International President Jack Creswell are reminding the district governors that they started strong and  they must finish strong. To that end, the governors are participating in a membership race and receiving weekly updates from the Optimist International office.

Governor Bill French is leading the way in Lane 1. He asked that we share that information with the district via a blog and Facebook post. Here it is:

7th Update on Race to the Finish!! 25 Days to the Finish Line!

September 5, 2012

Good Morning Governors and Vice Presidents,
Hope you all had a great and wonderful Labor Day Weekend! College football is back, the NFL starts up this weekend and we have 25 GREAT Days to give 100% and then some!

Time is getting more urgent, and much work is left to be done!

Question….what do you need to be successful for the kids?
Answer………….a new Optimist in your Club! 

Before we get to the Race, let me express to you and your team the appreciation and thanks for the work, efforts, leadership and caring you have given this year. Together, we have added over 8,834 new Optimist, over 700 new Friends and 47 new Clubs! You have made a difference! History tells us that these new members will conduct hundreds of new projects and positively impact the lives of thousands and thousands of Children. 

From these 8,834 new Optimist will come hundreds of Club Presidents, Lt. Governors, Governors, Board members and maybe even an International President. Our future was built on your work and efforts. THANK YOU!

To the RACE:
Governor Bill French continues to lead in Lane One, beginning to look as Bill and the Pacific Northwest Team may go “wire to wire”! Benny may have something to say about that in the next few weeks……..!

Governor Ray Finocchio from Michigan District increased his lead in Lane Two again, now +69 since July, and Plus 46 for the year! Michigan is only 5 members behind Cal South for the most net growth for the year. Cal South +51, Georgia + 47 and Michigan +46 YTD Growth Leaders! Lane Two is getting very competitive……four Districts are looking great…..a determined stretch run looks exciting for these four.

Governor Gerri Barnett and her Iowa Optimists continue to build a huge lead in Lane Three. Iowa District is a HUGE + 68 net growth since July 1, 2012. 
Governor David Jordan and the Georgia Optimists held the lead in Lane Four, first time in 6 weeks for a repeat leader in Lane Four. 

Again, Remember Governors, You have two great tools no Governor has ever had before to motivate and excite your Clubs………the new $100 and $250 Credits for Honor and Distinguished Clubs and the 30 for $30 Program for Clubs to engage and involve an individual under 30 years of age! TWO GREAT TOOLS for Your Clubs to succeed!
Best regards,

CURRENT STANDINGS: July 1 to September 5, 2012
Pacific North West “Governor Bill French” +39 (Holding First….Arizona closing in?)
Arizona “Governor Benny Benson” +24 (New Club in the offerings !)
Quebec West “Governor Michael Geoffroy” +4 (Quebec West, 3rd and holding)
South Texas, “Governor Joe Smith +2 (3 members and STX takes Bronze!)
Atlantic Central -6
Quebec Central -10
East Missouri “Governor Sherry Nappier” -12 (Tigers slipped again this week)
North Texas -13 (Plus 19 in one week!)
South Florida -19
Caribbean -30 (PLUS 33 in one week!)

Michigan “Governor Ray Finocchio” +69 (Big Blue padding it’s lead!)
North Carolina East “Governor Jerry Medlin” +42 (Another strong week for NCE!)
SWIS “Governor Bonnie Spindler” +29 ( Plus 26 this week!)
Oklahoma “Governor Judy Evans +24 (Big jump this week! Sooners Rule! Cornhuskers ?)
Nebraska “Governor Dick Raasch” +5 (Holding pattern!)
Indiana North “Governor Mike Fisher” +1
Pacific Central -1
Quebec South “Governor Alain Metivier” -3
Alabama Louisiana Mississippi -18
Mid-West Ontario -21

Iowa “Governor Gerri Barnett” +68 (Plus 38 this week, Big Week! )
Kansas “Governor Larry Drbal” +16 (Go Jayhawks! )
Indiana South “Governor Charles Curry” +11 (Needs to step on the gas!)
West Missouri “Governor Carl Hoglund” +10
Arkansas “Governor Barb Perrigo” +8
Pacific Southeast “Governor Doc Molthen” +7 (USC #1?)
Pacific Southwest “ Governor Alan Wykoff” +7
Illinois Even
Quebec East-Acadie -2
Kentucky-West Virginia -6
Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan & NW -8
Colorado Wyoming -12
New Mexico-West Texas -14

Georgia “Governor David Jordan” +26 (Bulldogs take the lead!)
DMM “Governor Larry Pelzer” +15 (Vikings move to Silver!)
East Ontario “Governor Giles Belanger +11 (Still looking strong)
North Carolina West “Governor Kathy Howard” +9 (Tar heels are still in the Race !)
Cal South “Governor Charles Pease” +6 (Don’t count Cal South out to soon!)
Ohio “Governor Jerry Stahley” Even
Central Ontario “Governor Anne Donkers” -2
South Carolina -6
Quebec East North Shore -6
North Florida -6
Southwest Ontario -15
Tennessee -24 (Vols are plus 20, 2nd week in a row!)
Capital Virginia -25

12 WINNERS ON STAGE IN CINCINNATI!!! 33 days! Still plenty of time for a new Club, new Friends, NOW Programs, 30 for $30, New Optimists for our Kids!

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