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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Optimist Club of Horseshoe Bend is growing younger

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The Optimist Club of Horseshoe Bend is growing younger. Just this week, secretary  Deb Miller added six new members to the roster and five of those members are under 30 years old!

The Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club is the main source for athletics in the small community located about 45 minutes north of Boise. The club and its members sponsor and coach football, softball, baseball and basketball, among other sports and fund their activities largely through an annual fireworks sale. For the past two years, the club has branched out to sponsor a contestant in the Communications Contest for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to the regional competition.

In a community where young adults often move away, finding younger members to carry on the traditions can be challenging. According to Deb, the Optimist International 30 under 30 promotion arrived at just the right time.

She wrote on the PNW Optimist District Facebook page, "I love this! I have 5 new members! Actually 6 new members, 5 are under 30. Hoping this will help us get more of our young people involved!"

The PNW District sends a big welcome to the new Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club members: Ron Jones, Ron Wolsleben, Keri Jones, Kylee Ranft, Acacia Hamilton and Gayle Frye.

Deb's next challenge is to add four more members before May 30 so that the club can add a new road sign to their community.

We're rooting for you Deb and the Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club! You can do it!

Click here for the road sign promotion.

Click here or enlarge the picture for the 30 under 30 promotion.

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