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Monday, March 12, 2012

The secret to membership growth

Smiling for the camera are members of the West Tacoma Optimist Club.
Left to Right:
  Sec/Treas John Hickman, Jerry Bergstrom, Lt. Gov. Pam Vandenberg,
David Moore, Pres. Dick Disney, Guest Roger Carl, Bob Speicher, Roger Davidson,

Vice-Pres. Devena Thomsen, Waldo Stone, Shirley Zurfluh  

Have you taken a picture of your Optimist Club members recently? It's a perfect addition for your scrapbook, a nice picture for your blog or website and a great photo for your timeline on Facebook. Most important, happy, smiling club members are an invitation to those who might want to join your group. 

We speak a lot about recruiting new Optimist Club members, but equally important is the ability to retain those that you already have. Some of the best ways to retain members are to make your fellow Optimist Club members feel like they are part of the group, miss them when they are away, and call to ask them when you'll see them again. When they are there, include them in the discussion and make certain that everyone has a reason to smile. 

Those little touches really do go a long way and when your members feel included, they will ask others to join, confident that their group will make others feel just as welcome as you have made them feel. 

So there you have it friends. The secret to membership growth is happy members, the more, the merrier. Put your smile on and share some Optimist fellowship today.

Photo by Tom Kryger

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